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Combining the antioxidant goodness of Green Tea with the nourishing fatty acids of natural oils, the Neogen Green Tea Cleansing Stick is formulated to gently clean the skin while also caring for the moisture barrier.


Helping to neutralise free radicals, reduce inflammation and repair cell damage, green tea is a super food for the skin. Together with the leaf extract and seed oil, crushed leaves are scattered throughout the stick to deliver a consistent soft exfoliation. They add a tactile dimension that is both pleasing to the eye and the skin, assuring a fresh brightness after cleansing.


Botanical oils are rich in fatty acids which help to strengthen the moisture barrier, keeping the skin supple and smooth.  Oils from Coconut, Japanese Tea Seed, Olive, Sunflower, Meadowfoam and Evening Primrose replenish the skin while also enhancing the stick’s cleansing properties.  Both invigorating and antiseptic in composition, citrus oils are a great acne treatment.  They additionally incorporate natural preservative function with their antibacterial properties and contribute a refreshing, subtle scent.


This cleanser is travel friendly and practical in presentation, the stick drawn much like a lipstick. It is applied to a wet face in circular motions and then massaged to form a silky, light foam which is gentle, even around the eyes. It provides a lovely, nourishing clean without any stripping or tightening sensation.  This is confirmed by an ideal pH of 5.0.  It won’t disrupt the acid mantle, rather, reinforces it, assisting to return soft, moisturised, healthy skin.  As such, this cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

The NEOGEN Green Tea Cleansing Stick is available for purchase at April & Ko, Australia’s Korean Skincare Store. You can also check out other NEOGEN products here.

The full review by Denise at Clay + Essence can be found here.

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