After having quite a few good skin years, I suddenly had an episode where my face and neck erupted with hundreds of tiny flesh-coloured lumps. It scared me.

So I did my research and decided to jump into and try Korean skincare for the first time. Having read so many amazing reviews, I was eager to test it out and hopefully fix my irritated, troubled skin.

I didn’t imagine it would be quite so hard to find a site that stocked the products I wanted and that didn’t cost my left kidney to ship to Australia.

After trawling through multiple websites, I finally managed to get most of the skincare items I wanted.

All the reviews were correct. My skin calmed down in a few days and all the lumps disappeared within the week.

I was in love.

So much so, that I wanted to share how amazing Korean skincare was with my family…friends…everyone!

And that is how April & Ko was born.


April & Ko brings genuine, quality and affordable Korean skincare and beauty products to Australia. Our aim is to test and curate only the best products and bring them direct to you so you can enjoy the best skincare products, without having to fly to Korea…or pay for expensive shipping.

After discovering Korean skincare, we realised its innovative formulations were years ahead of Western brands. We want to share our findings with you, our fellow Aussies, so you can be that much closer to achieving flawless skin.

With our wide range of products and brands, we try to cater for a wide variety of skin types and will continue to expand our range. If you have any concerns and questions regarding which products to include in your routine, please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Page.

We have put together a blog post for you to enjoy if you are curious about the 10 step Korean Skincare Routine.

If you are looking to start off with a shorter routine, check out our 5-Step Starter Value Packs which have been curated with your skin concern or type in mind.

Just remember, your daily skincare routine is meant to be enjoyable; so sit back, relax and slap on a sheet mask!